Grooa team and people, diversity

Who we are

We are thought leaders.
We are international, business savvy, innovators, scientists and most of all-
We are here for you.

Why us?

Trusted by international leaders

Our approach is appreciated and trusted by business leaders of top-notch international organisations. We strategise with C-level suite, train and coach hundreds of global leaders yearly, provide frequent online leadership training and are proud to be valued by executives in organisations like Marel, Mars, Thermofisher, Loreal, Pfizer, Mondelez, Rothkötter, NBCU, Aviva and Unilever.

Simple and clear methodologies

We love simple and practical models. We design our training to be modular, sequential, practical and flexible so that it can be customised to meet personal or organisational needs. We also offer strategic tools that are simple to use, fun, practical, no-nonsense, original and memorable, so to create a clear mindset shift, instrumental to a sustainable transformational journey.

Exceptional qualifications

All our consultants and coaches are accomplished professionals, with top-level leadership and coaching credentials from world class academic and business training institutions (CTI, ICF, IMD, TIAS, MIT). They are themselves accomplished corporate leaders with extensive experience from international positions in companies like P&G, Marel, J&J, Mars, Philips, Sony, Norsk Hydro, Stork, Micromec, Yara.

Multicultural and diverse

Diversity of ideas is our Core Value: we believe it is the birthplace of true innovation and human evolution; we are role models of unleashing the power of diversity. We are international, speak many languages and have worked in several countries on 5 continents; you can count on us to relentlessly challenge perspectives and assumptions in order to continue to learn and capitalise on differences.

What Can We Do For You?

Do You Want to develop an entrepreneurial organization, able to create sustainable long-term growth?

Do You Want to foster a learning culture based on Open Dialogue?

Do You Want to prepare your team to leverage om market and technology changes and turn them into innovative opportunities?

Do You Want to unleash the potential of your team in order to  ideate, design and executive innovative solutions?

Do You Want for yourself and your team to nurture the confidence, inquisitiveness, transparency, courage and business acumen that will make you co-create a better future for your business and the world that you impact?

Let us help You with:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Bespoke Programs, tailored to your needs