Grooa Inspiria Learning Center

Grooa Inspiria Learning Center

Exclusive, Homely, Unconventional Venue in Nature

The Grooa Inspiria Leadership Center is a delightful destination in the idyllic Dutch countryside.

Organize your team workshops and retreats in this inspiring and relaxing environment, surrounded by nature.

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Life at Grooa Inspiria Learning Center:

Some of our photos from the Inspiria Learning Center

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Shinrin Yoku – forest bathing

“Shinrin Yoku” is Japanese for “forest bathing:” a relaxing walk in the forest to practice Being Present and Focused Mindfulness.

At the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center, you can experience Shinrin You Walks or Retreats.

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Workshops in Nature

Grooa Inspiria Forest

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Welcome to Retreats!

Grooa Inspiria Learning Center

Path in the woods near toGrooa Inspiria Learning Center

Relax in Nature

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