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What people say about us

Peter Seymours
VP Marketing & Strategy - Mondelez International (UK/Switzerland)
Peter SeymourGreat opportunity to explore my thinking, style and approach. Laura brings good models, reflections and challenges. Been good in these Covid times. As for business specific value of coaching, improving my leadership in conflicts will drive better decisions and therefore business performance.
Sylvia Burgoff
Operations Leader - Innocent Drinks
Sylvia BurgoffThe Grooa simple and practical approach and the Method helped me a lot in gaining the confidence and competence to easily handle difficult conversations, much better than other conflict management courses.
Engineering Team Leader - BP (Oman)
Ahmed Shueili grooaLaura’s executive coaching helped me increase my personal influence and become a better leader, helping to grow my team and have more insightful discussions with stakeholders, bringing to the table positive alternatives
Carla Guaraldo
HR Manager - Universal Pictures (Italy)
Carla GuaraldoThanks to the Grooa training, our Commercial Team has learnt improved negotiation skills that makes them more engaged, confident and effective; Laura has also helped me personally to become a more influential strategic business partner, and to contribute at best with personal and professional satisfaction.
Anil Senol
General Project Manager - BP (Turkey/Azerbaijan)
Anil SenolCoaching was very productive, with right questions and pointing out the areas to focus and think about; right exercises targeting the areas for improvement. I have improved my leadership style to further benefit my organization and folks that I work with. I have improved through understanding what puts me into my box and how could I get out of it to be my-best-self.
Csaba Burjan
MD - Unilever Food Systems East Europe (Hungary)
Csaba BurjanHelped me better overcome a conflict situation in my team and be at my best as a leader.
Kent-Remi Gabrielsen
Engineering Manager - Adevinta (Norway/France)
Kent-Remi GabrielsenI was truly amazed of her ability to bring change to mindset in a very positive way, so a big thank you to Laura!
Zuzana Matejovska
Global Senior Marketing & Innovation Leader - Mondelez
Zuzana MatejowaskaI found  the C.L.E.A.R Mindset training course to be extremely valuable in equipping any Innovation Teams with the tools and techniques on how to get what it takes to do a great job.
Head of SAP Discipline & Senior Product Owner - BP (UK)
Sameh EltayebThe sessions were an eye opener for me. Within a relatively short period, Laura has significantly helped me with the interaction with difficult people/situations: I learnt to use a more inquisitive coaching approach, without losing temper; she has directly helped me with improving my relationship with stakeholders and some of my team members that I was struggling with for some time. My stress level decreased significantly, that was noticed and acknowledged by my team members and my line manager. I learnt various collaboration approaches especially useful in complex and tense working environments.
People Experience Lead Eastern Europe and IBS - Mondelez (Moscow)
Varvara KruglikovaIt was valuable to always get alternatives, impartial perspective on the situations I was ‘in’, very valuable and practical advice, full of care and experience
Anne Mette Langholm
HR Director Talent Development - Yara International (Norway)
Anne MetteBeing coached by Laura was a positive and empowering experience. It has made it easier for me to make better choices and given me more energy in my everyday life.
Antonio Candido
Sales Manager - Universal Pictures
Antonio CandidoHaving a CLEAR approach I’m more relaxed… the counterpart can easily catch that feeling… and that is crucial!