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book how to give and receive feedback grooaHow to Give & Receive Feedback: In the 4th Industrial Revolution Era

This book covers the difference between feedback (which is factual) and judgment or advice (which are opinions). It offers a simple 7-step guideline on how to give respectful and courageous feedback, with lots of practical examples, as well as a simple 7-step guideline on how to receive feedback without stress. Finally, this book provides a comprehensive perspective about the paramount importance of effective feedback exchange in the just started Fourth Industrial Revolution Era, where traditional performance appraisals gradually disappear, and instant feedback is becoming the new norm.

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book clear mindset grooaA Clear Mindset

This book provides an updated and no-nonsense framework for understanding and then overcoming the unconscious biases that hinder our ability to deal with disagreements and conflict in a constructive way.

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book 7 qualities of brilliant leader executive grooaThe 7 qualities of brilliant executive coaching

By Laura Lozza

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