A Pioneering Approach to Transformational Leadership

Leading Courageous Conversations with Confidence

What is The Mindset?

The Mindset is a Transformational Leadership Program. The Mindset Curriculum is specifically designed to help you develop the skills and the confidence to influence and mobilize others, starting from being intentionally able to be present, emotionally coherent and inclusive; then further helping you develop the essential skills necessary for leading yourself and others through ambiguity, change and the challenges of inclusive co-creation; finally training you on the hard-core competences of creating trust, encouraging shared ownership and holding mutual accountability.

Additionally, the Curriculum helps you design and develop an intentional dedication to support a learning culture, where everybody learns from mistakes and everybody feels accountable, so that you and the people you influence can steadily move ahead towards sustainable results.



What is unique about The Mindset Approach?

The uniqueness of The Mindset Approach is the focus on Personal Transformation. Unlike most traditional training courses that focus on the process of changing others or the situation to suit our needs, we focus on how to shift our personal attitude to be the best leaders that we can be.

The Model is based on a thorough understanding of behavioural neuroscience combined with an in-depth knowledge of the complex ever-changing arena of today’s business. The Method is simple and sequential, with lots of practical examples and real life case studies to allow immediate applicability.

Who is The Mindset training for?

  • Business Leaders who wish to increase their positive influence in situations of change and ambiguity;
  • Business Leaders who wish to be at their very best also in those difficult confrontational situations when they may risk to get discouraged, doubtful, defensive-aggressive or procrastinating-avoiding;
  • People Managers who wish to encourage employees’ engagement and to drive innovation;
  • HR managers, L&D and Talent Development Executives, and Organizational Leaders who wish to identify effective strategies to stimulate transformational leadership within their organization;
  • Team Leaders and Coaching Leaders who wish to use a more influential style to stimulate open collaboration, shared proactive ownership and accountability;
  • Change Agents who wish to learn a more influential and impactful negotiation style;
  • Managers and Leaders who are often confronted with non-constructive clashes or resistance to change and wish to foster a learning culture of collaboration;
  • Executive Coaches who wish to help their Clients with an additional toolkit of influential strategies.

Meet the Trainers

The Mindset Introduction:

Learn the confidence and skills necessary to transform disagreements, complaints, and difficult confrontations into engagement and innovation.

The Mindset Fundamentals:

Learn the confidence and skills necessary to transform disagreements, complaints, and difficult confrontations into engagement and innovation.

The Mindset: Bespoke Programs

Classical Leadership Programs based on outdated hierarchical views are unlikely to succeed in unleashing the power of modern organisations. Let us support you in designing the training programs that can bring real measurable value to your organisation.

The MINDSET Bespoke Programs

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