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Diversity and Inclusion Program – Module 1

Have you ever felt suddenly shut down when you thought you were flying high? Do you remember the feeling of having missed a great idea from that team member at the end of the table when you did not listen and rushed to your next topic?As leaders, we strive to leave a legacy all our entire careers but often miss the little steps that truly mark big impacts in others’ lives.Being able to accept diversity and have an inclusive style is not as easy as it could appear at first thought; it requires a level of self-knowledge, resourcefulness, and humbleness.This course on Inclusive Leadership can help you reflect on all these aspects and build your legacy through nurturing the power of inclusivity.

This interactive course will explore leadership concepts integrated with personal experiences collected over more than 20 years of an international corporate career.

We will dedicate time to self-reflection, suggest best practices and encourage a final commitment that each participant will take away for personal check-in.

A two 1-hour session journey to discover yourself and nurture the potential of others.