Courageous Conversations

This accelerated course takes you through the essential elements of the CLEAR Mindset Methodology, which guides you to lead an open, inclusive, courageous, and productive professional dialogue with peers and seniors.

Course Content:

Part 1 : Learning to silence the inner saboteurs in order to be courageously and actively present Part 2 : Learning to recognise and channel emotions and how to engage and mobilise others by personal power of influence Part 3 : Learning to ‘hold the space’ to help in ambiguity of co-creating and to drive shared ownership and mutual accountability.

By the end of this course: * You will have become familiar with the differences between trying to convince others or lead the co-creation of improved decisions. * You will know what the 5 sets of skills are that help you lead through influence while navigating the challenges of working with a team 

Key Benefits of the CLEAR Mindset Approach:

♦ Better decisions, better synergy, more sustainable outcomes ♦ Innovation ♦ Inclusion ♦ Engagement ♦ Ownership


CLEAR Mindset Basics Part 1
CLEAR Mindset Basics Part 2
CLEAR Mindset Basics Part 3

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