Mindful Leadership - (Accelerated Course)

This accelerated course takes you through the essential elements of the MINDFUL LEADERSHIP–(ACCELERATED COURSE) While the course was developed with mental safety in mind during covid lockdown, the principles of mindful leadership in times of uncertainty are timeless.

Course Content:

Part 1: Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness: how to be present instead of lost in rumination. The neuroscience about how our attention and memory are affected when we aren’t present. Part 2: Being Present: how it affects our relationship with other people and allows us to be our authentic selves Part 3: You will be led through a practice of mindfulness with an emphasis on the contrast of how you feel before and after.

By the end of this course: * You will become aware of physical signs that show when you are about to let a situation take over your thought process * You will learn practices to reach Mindfulness and Awareness * You will be able to identify when unchecked emotions drive behavior * You will understand how mindfulness leads to positivity and compassion

Key Benefits of the MINDFUL LEADERSHIP:

Mindful leaders are:

♦ Extremely effective

♦ Fearless

♦ Fun

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