Our Values

We are passionate about bringing a confident and courageous smile to the business arena. Our Core Values guide the way we want to be within our team and with our Clients world:

Simplicity from Complexity

Knowledge from Information

Focus on the Human Side with Courage and a Smile

Loving and Leveraging on Diversity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The focus of our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda is Gender Diversity.

We believe that our world will be a better place for everyone when we ensure “Egalitarian Diversity”; this means a world where the uniqueness of every human being is valued, a world where everyone has equal rights, is equally respected and has unbiased access to opportunities. We focus on supporting women to gain a more influential voice.We invest 5% of our Turnover in Activities in the following
Key Activities:
Executive Women Scholarships
Yearly Support to SOLA
School of Leadership for girls in Afghanistan
We also pride ourselves in actively Role Modeling our beliefs: we teach, train and coach about inclusion and respect of diversities.
Sola School Grooa support