Scientific Framework - Grooa

Using Science To Unleash Human Talent

Today’s leaders see the steep path of digitalisation with a mix of excited anticipation and fear.

How can we shape the human role for a machine-dominated future?

We are optimistic: we believe that humans can thrive and co-exist with intelligent machines:

– When we learn to think critically in interdependent ways;

– When we are aware and willing to challenge our cognitive and behavioural biases;

– When we are able to courageously trust

– We are using neuroscience to guide us, so we can help make organisations more coherent, collaborative and human

– With a better understanding of how our brain, nervous system and entire physiology work, we can design better strategies for talents and team developments as well as more human, productive and fulfilling ways of working together.

Grooa vertical development

Vertical Development
Fierce and Friendly Leaders for a Future of Interdependence
Grooa neuro_leadership

Neuro Leadership
Enhanced Individual and Systems Awareness for Productive Behaviours

Trust and Collaboration
Calibrating Fear-Trust responses to ignite and accelerate co-creation