Grooa, or Gróa, is the name of a female figure from the old Norse mythology, who had the prophetic ability of foresight.

In modern terms, this might be interpreted as the allegoric evolution from the state of common knowledge to the higher state of wisdom that allows to recognise new patterns, identify opportunities, design visions and lead towards the unexpected and unprecedented with a leap of imagination that produces innovative solutions.


When everything started and how…

October 2010: Registration

Grooa is registered in Norway as a limited responsibility firm (AS), privately owned by 4 shareholders (will become 5 in 2015)

Jan 1, 2011:  Start of Business

Our focus is on Inspiring Innovation and Inclusion via Coaching, Mentoring and Strategic Consulting. We work with international Companies and international Leaders.

2011 – 2012: Initial assignments

We land retainer contracts with Key Accounts Marel (machinery and engineering) and LandGefluegel (food processing) to help design nand implement their Technological Innovation and M&A strategies.

We also regularly work with Yara International and Coach-in-a-Box with Leadership Training and Executive Coaching.

In the Grooa organisation, two partners and one associate obtain executive coaching certification and ICF accreditation

2013 – 2014: Strengthening the focus on Leadership

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching projects with Mars, Yara, Universal Pictures Italy, Royal Canin Norway, Royal Canin Switzerland and Coach-in-a-Box.

Work begins on a proprietary model of Inclusive and Innovating Leadership, based on daring to productively disagree.

June 2014:  Publishing

“The 7 Qualities of Brilliant Executive Coaching”, Laura Lozza’s first book, is published online by bookboon.com (http://bookboon.com/en/the-7-qualities-of-brilliant-executive-coaching-ebook)

The proprietary Model and Method of Inclusive and Innovative Leadership are finalised under the name C.L.E.A.R. Mindset

November 2014: pre-launch of “The CLEAR Mindset”

The first “CLEAR” workshop is held in Den Haag

2015: Launching “The CLEAR Mindset”

Workshops in Amsterdam (June) and Milan (November)

May 2016: The Grooa Inspiria Learning Center

Plans for the new Grooa venue are approved by the Board. Ground work starts in Netherland, solar panels are installed on adjacent building to supply energy.

Sept 2016: CLEAR in Paris

A workshop is organised by Grooa Partners “Options RH” to introduce CLEAR

Jan 2017: Grooa Inspiria Learning Center

Work begins to refurbish an ancient barn, adjacent to the Grooa Dutch Hub.

May 2017: Publishing

“A CLEAR Mindset”, Laura Lozza’s second book, is published online by bookboon.com (http://bookboon.com/en/a-clear-mindset-ebook)

March 2018: Opening the Centre

Initial workshops are held at the new Center:  Mindful Leadership with Shinrin You (walks in the Grooa Inspiria forest)  and CLEAR.

May 28, 2018: Inauguration

The Grooa Inspiria Learning Centre is inaugurated with 80 participants. Watch video of event here: https://youtu.be/FNEu9o3rC5k

Dec. 2018: Publishing

“Giving and Receiving Feedback”, Laura Lozza’s third book is published online by bookboon

Spring 2019: Adding to the Venue

Sleeping rooms are added upstairs from the Meting Rooms

Summer-Fall 2019: Retreats

2020: Digitalization

2021: LIS Woman