Leading with a Smile

A mindful approach to Leadership

Those who master the confidence, clarity and courage to lead with a smile, are transforming our world into an exciting, fun and diverse place of opportunities. 

 All jobs and tasks today require discretion and accountability. The elitist leaders of the past are gone:  everybody needs to be a leader.

The most influential person around the table is not the one with all the answers, it is the one who asks the most critical questions.

 Leadership is the inner journey that raises our consciousness, strengthens our confidence and produces influence. Our influence resonates with others' consciousness thus creating collective genius.

"Leading with a Smile" is a journey to our highest levels of personal and collective consciousness. 

Read more about our philosophy and its foundation on our academia page.

Theory is not practice

While our philosophy is simple in theory, getting there alone takes a lifetime of practice. Join our workshops or retreats and let us be your guide.

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Top 3 Fears of International Business Leaders

Severely affecting their ability to influence and drive consistent results.

Leaders commonly focus more on preparing answers than on building the courage and confidence to ask influential questions

Chances are your fear of underachieving drives you to fatigue yourself and your organization with relentless urgencies.  

The Executive Coaching program with Laura helped me overcome the anxieties and self-doubts that used to hold me back in the past [...]

Tatyana Tsaneva, Regional Head, Corporate Clients,
Societe Generale (Bulgaria)

 Emotions can be channeled to inspire others, ensure accountability and create positive change.

For a more thorough introduction to the three fears we refer to our academia page.

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Helped me better overcome a conflict situation in my team and be at my best as a leader

Csaba Burjan,
MD Unilever Food Systems

Being coached by Laura was a positive and empowering experience. It has made it easier for me to make
better choices and given me more energy in my everyday life.

Anne Mette Langholm,
Yara International